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New Saxophone Case Review

Its been time recently to sort out some bit and pieces on my saxophone.  I have a beautiful mk6 Tenor that I have played for over twenty years.  The sax is great and after a recent overhaul is playing amazingly, but some of my equipment has been starting to show its age.

My old case was barely hanging on by a thread, with broken handles it was in urgent need of replacement.  It was a great case that had been really well used.  Not sure on the make but it was super lightweight made from expanded polystyrene with a flexible outer casing.  It was super light, which was great when I was a student cycling with saxes and numerous other instruments to college but the time had come to replace it.

I had a good look around but found some super cheap rigid cases by Gator on eBay.  They were so cheap that I thought it worth a punt, and when it arrived I realised I had made a great call.

The case is strong and well made, holding my tenor snugly inside with no perceivable movement.  It has two storage spaces, one fitting the crook well, and the other has space for reeds and mouthpiece.  The catches close really well and it has clips for a carry strap too.

It does everything I need from a case, and have no worries that my sax is safe inside it.  Its also not to much heavier than my old case, although it does take up a little more volume as it is larger than my old case, but not enough larger to worry me.

I would highly recommend this case to any other saxophonists out there, particularly as it only set me back £65 which seems amazing value for more to me!  (although RRP for UK looks to be £174)

You can find the case here at:



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